EVM Puzzles


EVM Puzzles is a collection of EVM puzzles. Each puzzle consists on sending a successful transaction to a contract. The bytecode of the contract is provided, and you need to fill the transaction data that won't revert the execution.

Before diving in

Once you understand basic Ethereum and Solidity, I actually recommend you learn some EVM immediately. This knowledge is going to make you view smart contracts differently. Learning EVM is the first step towards an advanced smart contract auditor role.
The best way is learning EVM through Huff, and before Huff we should have a basic understanding on EVM opcodes. That is why we are doing EVM puzzles.
These puzzles are in fact very straightforward and you can definitely solve all of them within a day. However, solving puzzles does not give you knowledge about the overall architecture of EVM. Make sure you read the following blog post:
Reading Part II is sufficient. You can read other parts after you finish EVM Puzzles.
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