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Papa brought me a packed present! let's open it.
Download : http://pwnable.kr/bin/flag
This is reversing task. all you need is binary


Note that the binary is packed using UPX. Unpack it:
upx -d flag
Open the binary in GDB and disassemble the main function:
0x0000000000401164 <+0>: push rbp
0x0000000000401165 <+1>: mov rbp,rsp
0x0000000000401168 <+4>: sub rsp,0x10
0x000000000040116c <+8>: mov edi,0x496658
0x0000000000401171 <+13>: call 0x402080 <puts>
0x0000000000401176 <+18>: mov edi,0x64
0x000000000040117b <+23>: call 0x4099d0 <malloc>
0x0000000000401180 <+28>: mov QWORD PTR [rbp-0x8],rax
0x0000000000401184 <+32>: mov rdx,QWORD PTR [rip+0x2c0ee5] # 0x6c2070 <flag>
0x000000000040118b <+39>: mov rax,QWORD PTR [rbp-0x8]
0x000000000040118f <+43>: mov rsi,rdx
0x0000000000401192 <+46>: mov rdi,rax
0x0000000000401195 <+49>: call 0x400320
0x000000000040119a <+54>: mov eax,0x0
0x000000000040119f <+59>: leave
0x00000000004011a0 <+60>: ret
The flag is stored at 0x6c2070. Dump the content:
pwndbg> x/s *0x6c2070
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