Pwnie Island

What is Pwnie Island?

Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island
Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island
Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island is a MMORPG game designed to be hacked. Download the Windows version. Hackers don't hack Linux games, pls.


We set up the client on Windows. The /etc/hosts file is at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.

Binary Ninja

We are interested in GameLogic.dll and GameLogic.pdb:
Load GameLogic.dll with Binja and select "Tools > PDB > Load" to load GameLogic.pdb, which is a Program DataBase file that contains debugging information about GameLogic.dll.

Information Gathering

First, let's conclude the architecture of this game:
  • It is based on Mono, which is a cross-platform .NET framework.
  • The underlying game engine is Unreal 4, but we don't attack the engine itself because net code and game logic are completely custom.
  • The game logic is written in C++.
  • The game client communicates with the game server for computation. There are two servers:
    • Master server: master.pwn3 -> port 3333
    • Game server: game.pwn3 -> port 3002

First Thing First: Speed Acceleration

We really need speed acceleration to save some tme. By searching on Player in the symbols, we find a Player::GetSprintMultiplier function:
At address 0x10078b34, we find a number 0x40400000, which is 1077936128 in decimal:
Address 0x10078b34
To get accelerated speed, we can change this number to 1977936128, which is 00 e9 e4 75 in little-endian format. Why this number? Recall that 32-bit max signed int is 2147483647. Anything larger than it will be negative.
Make this modification in the built-in hex editor:
Hex editor
Save it. Enjoy your speed hack and let's get to the challenges.


Pwn Adventure 3: Walkthrough
Pwn Adventure 3: Walkthrough